Fee Structure

Domains Enterance Exams Full-Time Course Crash Course
Fashion NIFT/PEARL/NIIFT/SID 40,000 20,000
Architecture NATA/JEE Barch/CEPT 40,000 20,000
Design+Architecture UCEED/NID/CEED/NATA/JEE Barch/CEPT 45,000 25,000
Fashion+Architecture NIFT/PEARLNIIFT/SRISTHI/NATA/JEE Barch/CEPT 45,000 25,000
Design+Fashion+Architecture NID/NIFT/UCEED/CEED/NATA/JEE Barch/CEPT/MIT/SRISTHI/PEARL/NIIFT/SID 50,000 30,000

Note: Students can work/practice after class. For quries regarding batch timmings please contact us at 7087791891

Our Scholarship Programme:

Qrio Studio is conducting an online scholarship test to promote the creative passion of the students who want to pursue their career in art, design & architecture. We provide up to 50%fee concession in the coaching fees according to the marks scored by the students.

For Online Scholarship Test
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